Current Projects

The Racial Diversity Feedback Program (RDFP)
The Racial Diversity Feedback Programô (RDFP) is designed to assess the likelihood that a person will initiate a conversation with someone different from their racial background. The RDFP is a questionnaire that uses items and scales including: 1) the Organization Inventory; 2) the Personal Inventory; 3) the Implicit Association Test; 4) the Social Inventory; and 5) the Social Attitude Scale . The RDFP is a particularly useful tool because it provides individuals with feedback on ways to improve and enhance behavior and actions in racially diverse situations and encounters.

The Hoop Summer Institute: Eradicating White Racism.
Since 1998, the Summer Institute has brought together students and communities members from diverse culturtal, occupational and educational backgrounds to explore White identity formation in the U.S. and to examine the impact that White racism has had on various racial and ethnic groups. Through the unique curriculum and the diverse perspectives of its participants the Summer Institute helps participants to become more aware of racist attitudes and beliefs and challenges us to choose individual and collective action to enhance social change. 2004.

White Studies / White Racism Survey
The Follow-up White Studies/White Racism survey is designed by the Hoop Institute to solicit demographic, attitudinal, and interpersonal information from participants in either the summer institute-White Studies and Eradicating White Racism or participants in the December and Spring quarter White Racism courses at DePaul University.

Take the White Studies / White Racism Survey.

The Black Metropolis Project (BMP)
The Black Metropolis Project, in collaboration with DePaul University, is a longitudinal study of the original "Black Belt" of Chicago-the area now known as Bronzeville. The Hoop Institute designed the BMP to teach junior and senior high school students and junior and senior undergraduate students quantitative and qualitative research techniques, photography and computer technology skills as well as the unique social and cultural history of Bronzeville.





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